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Faehallows School of Magic - Celtic Mystery School

neo-pagan weddings                           
& Handfasting

Your Wedding - Your Way!
Non-denominational Weddings

Pagan Earth-centered Weddings

Celebrating Your Love and Commitment

When you are ready to publicly celebrate your love in your own special way I will be happy to support your vision of the ideal wedding. Of course a legal wedding will require that you have a marriage license and it will be legally binding, including all the responsibilities and benefits that come with it.

Design your own ceremony and I will preside as the official "priestess."


Handfasting is the ceremony of "tying the knot" in a cord around the wrists of the couple as they hold crossed hands, left hand to left and right to right, forming the figure eight pattern which symbolizes infinity and represents the circles of sun and the moon (the masculine and feminine principles). The colors of the cord indicate the intentions of the couple.

In addition to legal handfasting weddings, I also offer the traditional Handfasting Ceremony, which is a commitment for a year and a day (not legally binding). Or you can design any sort of ceremony you like.

These alternative ceremonies may or may not be legally binding, depending on what you choose.
They are a wonderful way to celebrate your love and share your commitment with friends and family.

Symbolic Colors of the Cords:

- peace, sincerity and devotion

Pink - romance, partnership, honor and happiness
Gold - unity, prosperity, and longevity
Silver - creativity and protection
Light Blue - patience and understanding
Dark Blue - long life and safe journeys
Green - health, prosperity, luck, fertility and beauty
Red - courage, strength and passion
Yellow - wisdom and harmony
Brown - home, healing and animals


Jumping The Broomstick

Jumping over a broomstick is often part of the Handfasting ceremony from the British Isles. This practice is also found among the Gypsies of Europe and in parts of Africa.

It is usually the final phase of the wedding ceremony, indicating the symbolic act of stepping into a new life, or crossing the threshold into marriage. You may include it or not, as you like.

The Hallows and a Sense of Place

I like to call in the spirits of the four directions and include the four elemental symbols from Celtic mythology know as the "Sacred Hallows:"

Cup or cauldron - Water (West)
Sword or athame - Air (East)
Stone or crystal - Earth (North)
Staff or wand - Fire (South)

(Note: Some traditions put Air in the East and Stone/Earth in the North, or use the sword to represent Air and the Wand for Fire. The important thing is that you feel comfortable with the alignments and associations. It is up to you to choose what feels right to you.)
Earth-centered weddings
Of course, any other symbols meaningful to you and your friends or relatives can be included.

It is your day all the way.

Alternative Weddings

Weddings a la Abraham ~

If we were standing in your physical shoes, our marriage vows would go exactly like this: "I like you pretty good, let's see how it goes." (Laughter.)

Instead, what you say is, "I hope that you will be able to live up to all of the impossible things that I have written down that you need to be. And I will hold you hostage every day of your life because my happiness depends on your being able to second-guess everything that I will ever want. (Pause.) Sign here." (Laughter.)                                                                                                                                    - Abraham - Atlanta, GA

We may laugh, but there is a certain amount of truth in the quote above. So often people expect their partners to fill their every need and desire, but a good marriage is a friendship, rather than an obligation.

Ideally, marriage will inspire both partners to feel uplifted and positive about life, as it allows and encourages each of you in the freedom of being fully who you are.

Alternative Weddings

Universal Life Church Minister Weddings Sonoma County Santa Rosa California
earth-centered wedding ceremonies
To arrange your own

personal Wedding Ceremony
in Sonoma County California
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Alternative Weddings

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Alternative Weddings

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